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Whitepaper >> Incident Management

The Risk Bots are Coming!

While 2016 is the year of virtual reality, it is also becoming the year of intelligent bots. A number of recent announcements from Microsoft, Facebook and Google clearly indicate their belief that bots are the next big thing for their user communities.

Get the latest whitepaper from Xactium and learn…

  • How Risk Bots can help to identify risks
  • The benefits of Risk Bots when logging incidents
  • How you can be notified when similar incidents occur that you may be interested in, by a Risk Bot
Xactium Risk Management Whitepaper
Whitepaper >> Risk Management

9 Top Tips For Managing Your Risk Incidents

Capturing and managing your risk events and incidents is a critical part of any comprehensive enterprise risk management process. Performing this task e ectively gives insight into the root causes of risks, ensures that incidents are dealt with promptly and e ectively, and shows evidence of an e ective risk management programme for regulators. In this whitepaper, we provide 9 top tips for ensuring your risk event processes are e ective and e cient.

Whitepaper >> Key Risk Indicators and Metrics

5 Key Risk Management Metrics For Controlling Cyber Security

One key way to manage a Cyber risk programme is to focus on the metrics that will identify both the organisation’s level of exposure to Cyber risk and the progress being made to implement key Cyber risk programmes and governance.

This whitepaper provides a list of potential metrics that can help drive your organisation along the right path towards your desired Cyber risk position.

Case Study >> Klarna

Klarna Moves Their Risk Management Process From Spreadsheets To A Flexible ERM Software Platform

Klarna has adopted Xactium's Risk Management Solution to future proof it’s operations. This new client expands the use of Xactium into the Financial Services sector. Of particular interest was a requirement to automatically generate risk assessments from control assessments using Klarna's in-house rules. The inbuilt flexibility within the Xactium platform enabled this to be delivered quickly. 

Case Study >> Risk Management

Selecting and Implementing Risk Management Software

At the recent Xactium User Conference, we asked David Smith, Head of Operational Risk and Ellie King, Oversight Assurance and Challenge Manager for Operational Risk, on how they selected and implemented a new Risk Management Software System at the Direct Line Group

Demonstrate FCA Compliance with an ERM Software Solution
Whitepaper >> Risk Management

How to Demonstrate FCA Compliance with an Enterprise Risk Management Software Solution

Regulators, such as the FCA are focusing their attention on qualitative areas such as an organization’s effort to foster a culture that will promote ethical behaviour and appropriate risk taking. This white paper oulines the regulatory requirements and how they can be me by using Risk Management Software.

Whitepaper >> Risk Management

Four Practical Ways to Monitor Risk Appetite

Practical guidance on how to capture and report on risk apetite. This whitepaper discusses the pros and cons for four different approaches to risk management. 

Whitepaper >> Risk Management

Ten Compelling Reasons For Cloud-Based Risk Management

Cloud-based platforms can offer a step-change in the effective delivery of risk and compliance programs.   


Whitepaper >> Risk Management

Are Your Traditional Risk Manager Tools Letting You Down

Spreadsheets and costly enterprise software solutions can have significant drawbacks and are increasingly unable to meet the transparency requirements of busssineses. 

Whitepaper >> Claims Manager

Five Ways a Modern Claims Management System Can Reduce the Cost Per Claim

Benefits of an improved claims management process include customer retention, better operational effencies, lowered administrative costs, and higher visibility enabling better management information. 

Risk Management Key Risk Indicators
Whitepaper >> Risk Management

The Dos and Don'ts: Leveraging Key Risk Indicators in Your Organisation

This document provides an overview of how KRIs are used within an organisation and discuesses how they can be effectively implemented. 

Whitepaper >> Risk Management

Six Meaningful Approaches to Risk Aggregation

An enterprise-wide approach to risk management is becoming increasingly necessary to meet growing transparency and regulatory demands. To achieve this organisations need to be able to aggregate risk both vertically and horizontally. 

Whitepaper >> Risk Management

Spreadsheets Prevent Effective Risk Management

Companies that are relying on spreadsheets to manage enterprise risk are restricting their organisation's ability to effectively manage risk and controls. 

Whitepaper >> Risk Management

Understanding Key Control Indicators and How They Can Reduce Risk 

Increasingly, organisations are looking for better metrics to better monitor potential changes in risk conditions. One of the best-known metrics is Key Risk Indicator (KRI) but Key Control Indicator is now being more widely used. 

Whitepaper >> Risk Management

Risk Reporting for the Three Lines of Defence

This whitepaper covers the reporting requirements of the Three Lines of Defence model. Getting these right is crucial to delivering a successful risk management solution as part of the ISO31000 risk management standard. 

Brochure >> Claims Manager

Claims Manager

Claims Manager is a modern, innovative and highly configurable cloud-based claims management solution. 

Brochure >> Risk Management

Risk Manager

Risk Manager is a next-generation cloud-based solution, used by large organisations from regulated industries in order to support the Three Lines of  Risk Management Defence. 

Case Study >> Risk Management

JLT Moves Risk Management to the Cloud with Xactium Risk Management

Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) selected Xactium's cloud-based Risk Manager application and within four months, the solution had been fully implemented and rolled out across 60 business entities. 

Case Study >> Risk Management

HomeServe improves data quality, risk reporting & risk visbility with Xactium Risk Manager 

After HomeServer decided to use Xactium's Risk Management solution it took 3 months from the point of agreeing requirements to the successful delivery of the first stage of the project. 

Case Study >> Risk Management

Maitland Moves Risk Management to the Cloud with Xactium Risk Manager

Driven by the requirements to improve the ease of reporting and the needs for workflows to manage risk data, Maitland decided to implement Xactium's Risk Manager solution. 

Whitepaper >> Risk Management

The Business Value of a Cloud Computing Platform for Governance, Risk and Compliance

It is now widely accepted the good management of GRC is essential to the protection and growth of an organisation, particularly in an increasingly global, risk averse and regulatory driven environment.

Improving Risk Management: KRIs and KCIs
Webinar >> Risk Management

Improving Risk Management: Key Risk Indicators and Key Control Indicators

Organizations are looking to improve the way they monitor potential changes in risk conditions. One of the best-known metrics for this is Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), which aim to provide a warning that a risk may occur before it impacts the organizations.

Webinar >> Risk Management

New Year's Resolution:  Increasing Your Risk Health

Risk appetite impacts the health of your organization just as your individual appetite impacts your individual health. Organizations can take on too much risk, they can also starve themselves and not take enough risk.  

Webinar >> Risk Management

Managing Project Risk Throughout the Project Lifecycle

Effectively managing project risk is critical for the success of many endeavours and business operations. While many organisations are working on enterprise risk strategies, they often fail to connect with the depth of project risk, which can have a significant and long term impact on business operations and strategy.

Webinar >> Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management: Understanding Risk Attributes, Aggregation & Normalisation

The acronym ERM, or the phrase Enterprise Risk Management, are thrown around left and right by organisations, solution providers, and professional services firms.  However there are often flawed implementations of ERM programs and technology to support it.