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Xactium Loss Manager

Loss Event Management Software

Xactium Loss Manager allows you to effectively respond to internal exposures and external events that cause financial loss to your organization.

Aligned with the Basel II Accord’s operational risk framework, Xactium’s web-based solution provides a centralized view of loss events, their causes and associated risks and operational impact.

Loss Manager

Centralize Loss Event Data

Document and categorize loss events, link to related risks, and record recovery activities for efficient governance of your loss events. Ensure consistency of loss and recovery data across your organization by aggregating information within Xactium’s web-based solution.

Categorize Loss Events

Categorize loss events according to Basel II categories. Easily extend these categories to include other types of loss events. Also, capture the date of loss and the source of the loss.

Generate Reports and Dashboards

Utilize real-time reports and dashboards to present a holistic view of loss events by category, financial impact, status and more. Show losses as they occur over time and identify key trends. Access the reports from multiple devices, including mobiles.

Automate Loss Event Procedures

Use the platform's powerful workflow and approval processes to manage loss event escalation and notification, depending on the loss amount and the source of the loss.

Integrate Loss Events

Easily link loss events with other parts of your GRC program, including risks, policies, procedures and controls. Gain a holistic view of their impact across the organization.