Customer Centric Product Development

Xactium solutions constantly evolve. Our team is focussed on continuous product development; creating innovative new features and improving existing ones, adding more value to the solution you have purchased.
This ongoing development makes sure our products keep solving more of your business problems.
As an Xactium customer you will get the latest updates to your solution as part of your contract, at no extra cost.
Customers drive our products forward

Customers drive our products forward

Our solutions solve customer business problems

When we’re defining what to develop next, we don’t just come up with all of the ideas ourselves. We talk to our customers. We find out how their requirements are changing. We conduct end-user needs analysis through user forums. With all that insight, we create targeted product roadmaps that evolve our products in alignment with real customer needs.

Our product roadmap

Charting exciting new territory.

Guided by customers. Our product road map charts a journey with many milestones. How do we decide what to develop next? By continuing to consult with our customers, and prioritising the features that are most important to them. So even after we’ve defined our road map, we keep validating it. Our next new feature is always the one that will make the biggest difference to your business.

Time for a test drive

Time for a test drive

Beta testers help us improve new products before release.

After we complete software development and quality assurance on a new or enhanced feature, we conduct beta testing with a small group of our customers. Beta tests aim to answer questions such as:

  • Does the new feature add sufficient value?
  • Does it work as customers expected it to?
  • How could it be made better?

Beta tests help us to improve products before release and shape our future roadmap.

By embracing new cloud computing technologies, such as Xactium Risk Manager, we’re confident we can focus and strengthen the company’s risk management processes.
Andy Bastow, Head of Professional Standards, Hyperion Insurance Group
Ready for rollout

Ready for rollout

Nothing ships until testing and documentation are complete.

Xactium products and features are ready to be rolled out when:

  • Our quality assurance engineers have evidenced that everything works properly
  • Our beta testers have told us the features add value
  • Support materials are available, so you can use new updates with confidence

Our customers are kept informed throughout the process, notified when the release will be available, provided with the necessary support to transition out of old processes and into new ones.