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PPI – much needed closure is in sight but have the Risk Management lessons been learnt?

Finally, a deadline has been set for consumers to make claims for payment protection insurance (PPI). The regulator, the FCA, has said it wants to bring the matter to an “orderly conclusion”, helping banks to manage their liabilities and no doubt...

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Topics: Risk Management, incident management, business decisions, Behavioural Risk

Is Business Culture a Risk Management Issue?

The behaviour of senior Bankers is in the news again this week. A BBC Panorama programme played secret recordings potentially implicating the Bank of England and others in Libor rate scandal.  

The programme suggests that this recording brings into...

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What the risk team knows that business leaders don’t…(and perhaps should?)

It’s a poetic notion. A butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil and sets off a series of atmospheric events that eventually trigger a tornado in Texas.

In fact it doesn’t matter how frantically a bug beats its wings in Rio: it’s never going to cause a...

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Cyber-security – time to get proactive

The latest facts and figures around cyber security make alarming news. Big business or SME, it doesn’t matter, as attacks are indiscriminate and on the rise.

Last year, consultant PwC said cyber-crime was the fastest growing area of fraud. In 2014, it...

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Brexit – Keep Calm and Manage the Change

Pre-referendum, many voices within the UK financial services industry called for a remain vote, believing access to the single market and being part of Europe would result in a more stable future. But, let the hand-wringing stop…the UK voted out and...

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Number of Skilled Persons Reports requested by FCA increases by 60%

Under the Financial Services and Markets Act, as amended by the 2012 Act, the FCA has the power to obtain a “skilled persons report” from a third party about aspects of a firm's activities where they have concerns about potential weaknesses or...

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The Risk Manager's Guide to the Galaxy - Our vision for the new age of Risk Management

Our Risk Manager’s Guide to the Galaxy is a fresh perspective on how we see the future role of risk management and the proactive part it should play within the decision making process in an organisation.   

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New Financial Crime Risk and Reporting Considerations for 2017

The UK financial services sector is a prime target for criminal activities including fraud, theft, tax evasion, money laundering and counterfeiting.  The FCA has highlighted financial crime  as one of its key priority areas for 2017. “It is imperative...

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Europe’s Top 10 Risks: New Allianz Risk Barometer Report 2017

The top ten risks were revealed yesterday in the 2017 Allianz Risk Barometer report, which surveys over 1200 risk professionals from 55 countries.

In Europe, the top 3 were Business Interruption, Market Developments (volatility, intensified...

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