An enterprise-wide approach to Risk and Compliance Management can make a significant and tangible difference to the bottom line and is becoming increasingly necessary to meet the growing demands for transparency across organisations. 


Increasingly, organisations are looking to develop metrics to better monitor potential changes in risk conditions. One of the best-known metrics are Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) which aim to provide a warning that a risk may occur before it impacts the organisation

Another metric that is becoming more widely used are Key Control Indicators (KCIs). However, how do these differ from KCIs, and what are their benefits to managing organisational risk?

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • What Key Control Indicators are and how they can improve your risk management operations.
  • The benefits of KCIs when measuring the effectiveness of your risk controls.
  • How to measure KCIs
  • How to specify KCIs
  • Some examples of common KCIs

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