HomeServe Membership Limited, part of HomeServe Plc. is successfully using Xactium Risk Manager to manage internal risks and risk events across its.

HomeServe’s primary objective was to move risk management away from spreadsheets and streamline HomeServe-case-studytheir processes in order to strengthen risk management and comprehensively report on risk and risk events across the organisation.

Read the case study to find out about how Xactium Risk Manager helped the risk management function at Homeserve overcame the challenges.

The challenges that HomeServe wanted to resolve:

  1. Lack of consistency in risk data.
  2. Poor data control and increased likelihood of errors. 
  3. Increased product portfolio and international growth increased the difficulty of using spreadsheets to manage risk.
  4. Very manual process for collecting and formatting risk data from multiple business units.
  5. Difficulties visualising and linking risks across the business.
  6. Incident Management processes needed strengthening to ensure all incidents were logged and tracked.

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