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Traditional Software

Xactium Compliance Manager

Compliance Management Software

Xactium Compliance Manager provides market leading support for monitoring, managing and reporting on regulatory compliance activities, to give organizations a full compliance picture, and to ensure it is efficiently managing its compliance procedures.

Xactium Compliance Manager is particularly targeted at compliance departments and managers who are under pressure to deal with a growing and constantly changing regulatory environment.

Compliance Manager

Assess the Impact of New Regulations

Record and communicate important new regulatory developments and clarifications and assess their impact on the organization.

Compliance Reporting

Analyse and communicate critical compliance data to key stakeholders using customizable reports and dashboards, including sending automated email reports.

Track Compliance Communications

Manage and record communications regarding compliance activities. Manage and track compliance related advice and guidance provided to employees in the organization.

Track Breaches and Notifiable Events

Enable relevant stakeholders to report on potential regulatory breaches and other notifiable compliance issues. Track the actions that are created to deal with the issues and report them.

Report Breaches of Regulations

Provide support for registering and tracking regulatory breaches through a compliance portal that can be easily linked to internal web-sites and intranets.