Streamline Your Claims Handling Operations

A highly flexible and scalable cloud based solution for streamlining your claims processes and client communications.

  • Get automated. Reduce manual tasks and work handovers, so nothing gets missed.
  • Increase staff productivity with a user friendly interface and built in collaboration tools.
  • Be agile with the ability to rapidly configure the solution to your changing needs. 

  • Trust the security, scalability and flexibility of our cloud-based solution.
  • Get quality management information on all aspects of your claims process.

Automated Workflows


Better Claims Management

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Easily Capture New Claims

Efficient Claims Processing

Quality Management Insight

Claims Handling Made Simple With Automated Workflows

From claims handling wizards, through to notifications, escalations and approval processes. You can quickly setup automated workflows and processes that:

  • Eliminate duplication of effort.
  • Automate manual tasks.
  • Ensure no claim goes astray.
  • Put the right people on the right job.
  • See and track responsibility more easily.
  • Automate claim closure and approval.



Key Features - Xactium Claims Management Software

Built on the market leading cloud platform, Claims Management Software has everything you need to support your claims management needs (now and in the future).


Claims Timeline

See all the key information related to an individual claim in one place, instantly.

Real-time Collaboration

Start a conversation about any specific claim, directly from its system record - either with colleagues or the claimant. No more relying on slow email systems.

Automated Workflows

Route claims to the correct team or person automatically. Claims are processed faster and more effectively.

Engage Your Customers

Offer your customers a convenient online portal, where they can log new claims and see existing claim updates.

Live Reporting

Access live, actionable reports and dashboards that inform you on every aspect of your claims management operations.

Third-party Integrations

Automate data flow between Xactium Claims Manager and your other systems, to increase efficiency even further.

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Better claims management

End-to-End Better Claims Management

Xactium Claims Management Software streamlines your entire claims management process. From incident reporters and handlers to your management team, everyone can always access the information they need – just when they need it.

Xactium’s Claims Manage provided what we needed and we were able to request specific adjustments and additions without any issue.
Rebecca Fairchild, Claims Analyst at G&A Partners
Easily capture new claims

Easily Capture New Claims

Creating a new claim or incident should be a simple task for your staff and customers. With Xactium Claims Management Software, it’s easy – and you have more choice in how claims are logged.

Claims can be created in many different ways, including:

  • Remote claim logging via webforms.
  • Direct from customer emails.
  • Claims submission wizard.

Claims are created directly in the system, without the need for manual intervention. Claims Management Software also supports incidents claims and issues.

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Process claims more efficiently

Process Claims More Efficiently

Lower your costs per claim. Reduce the administrative burden of your claims management process. With Xactium Claims Management Software, your team can get more done with fewer pairs of hands. Your efficiency is boosted by:

  • Clearer claim ownership.
  • Greater claim visibility.
  • Easier claims collaboration.
  • Centralised claim information.

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Quality Claims Management Insight

Improved claims management starts with improved understanding. With Xactium Claims Management Software, you can easily customise reports to fit your requirements. Run and distribute custom reports on an automatic schedule, and you and your team will always have the latest insights.

Reports are based on live data about your incidents, claims and users. So you’ll understand every aspect of your operations – from the latest incident numbers, to your most and least productive staff and your biggest area of risk.

  • See key data at a glance with management dashboards.
  • Get the latest insights based on live data.
  • Create custom reports with ease.
  • Export data to other applications.
  • Schedule regular report distribution to appropriate staff.

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