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"We had all the data in a spreadsheet previously but we needed a centralised claim system so staff could work more efficiently. Xactium’s Claims Manager provided what we needed and we were able to request specific adjustments and additions without any issue. We look forward to seeing visible improvements in business productivity over the next 12 months." 

Rebecca Fairchild

Claims Analyst at G&A Partners

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Xactium Claims Manager

Claims Management Software

Claims Manager is a next generation, cloud-based claims management solution that provides a modern, innovative, and highly configurable solution for insurers, the construction industry and large retailers. Claims Manager is a rapidly growing claims solution that is successfully being used to streamline the complete Claims Management process from incident creation to settled claims in the insurance, financial services, retail and legal industries.

Developed on the Force.com® platform from Salesforce® - Forbes' most Innovative Company for the past 3 years. Xactium Claims Manager offers unrivalled flexibility, enabling the claims management process to be rapidly configured to each organization’s specific operations and requirements. The user-friendly interface is intuitive and helps remove the barriers to user adoption. Because Claims Manager is built on the market leading Salesforce CRM it offers unparalleled support for client management and relationship management, including online incident reporting and auto-notification of claim status.

Streamline the Claims Management Process

Xactium Claims Manager streamlines the entire claims management process, eliminating all duplication of effort and ensuring everyone has access to the information they need; from incident reporting and claims handlers to ensuring your management team have access to all of the report data they need, when they need it.

With automated workflows and notifications you will always know that your claims management process will run as efficiently as it possibly can.

With Xactium Claims Manager you will get...

Simple incident creation

Incident creation shouldn't be an onerous task for your business or your customers. That's why Xactium provides an easy to use web portal for your customers or internal teams to log an incident. Helping you reduce call waiting times and massively reduce the cost per incident logged.

This customisable portal means that all of the information you need to process an incident can be logged and submitted directly into Xactium claims manager. Even better with automated workflows to match your business requirements, incidents will automatically be assigned to the

correct person or team for processing.

Efficient incident processing

Your incident handling staff will have all of the information they need, in one easy-to-use system, to quickly make the correct decision, on the appropriate action on any incident. Your teams will be able to:

  • Close the incident and send an automated communication to the customer updating them on the decision.
  • Create a claim at the click of a button.

Excellent claims processing

Xactium Claims Manager removes the vast majority of manual claims admin work out of the claims Management process.

  • Automatically assigned: Claims are assigned to the correct person or team, based upon your own requirements.
  • Claims communications: Send letters to the claimants at the click of a button, from within the claims interface.
  • Information consolidation: All the information needed can be accessed and updated from one interface.
  • Complete audit trace: All changes are listed to provide a full audit trail on individual claims.

Unbeatable management Information and reporting

Get live updates on the information you and your management team on all aspects of your organizations claims management. With Xactium Claims Manager you will be able to see:

  • Incidents and Claims by status, policy type, division/region or time period.
  • Losses by customer, policy type, division/region or time period.