"Very informative, the speakers really understood operational risk concepts as well as the social and political factors influencing organisational change"

Brian Saltzman, CEO, Wavebot

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Breakfast Briefings

Xactium hosts a free breakfast briefing every quarter to which we invite industry speakers to present on current and relevant risk management topics. These are generally held in London and open to Xactium users and all members of the risk management profession.

Our breakfast briefings are the ideal opportunity to gain insight into current hot topics, network with like minded professionals and discuss your risk management concerns with Xactium face-to-face.


Risk Appetite Workshop - May 19th & June 16th - Register Now!

'Designing and implementing an effective risk appetite strategy'  

This interactive workshop will focus on the influential and often challenging topic of Risk Appetite.  It will give you the opportunity to find out more about the basic concepts, explore the key challenges involved in defining the risk appetite framework and gain valuable insight into as some practical approaches to capturing and monitoring risk appetite using Xactium.  

Click here for more information and to register for this free workshop



March 2017 Breakfast Briefing Highlights

Xactium Risk Reporting with Conga

Held in London and Leeds, this workshop focused on Xactium’s reporting capabilities and provided a valuable insight into how Xactium users can export data and reports into external, more sophisticated documents including presentations, Word documents and spreadsheets using the Conga application.

Feedback from both events was extremely positive:

“It was helpful in highlighting the technologies available and in development to improve risk reporting processes”  - Jason Mallen, Head of GI Risk Management, LV

“Very insightful, especially for those who are currently in the process of establishing Xactium in their business” - Anooj Patel, Risk Analyst, British Business Bank

"The Xactium staff were very knowledgeable and explained the system very well.  It was useful to see the risk management tool's capabilities and I know it would be an extremely helpful addition to our business" - Michael Chambers,  Risk Analyst,  Equiniti

"An excellent opportunity to share ideas and learn from other users as well as some excellent insight into how adaptable the system is in support of our approach to risk" - Adrian Siddall, Risk Manager, Together Money

Find out more about Xactium’s partnership with Conga.

"The Xactium staff were very knowledgeable and explained the system very well. It was useful to see Xactium's capabilities and I know it would be an extremely helpful addition to our business"
Michael Chambers, Risk Analyst, Equiniti
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September 2016 Breakfast Briefing Highlights

Presentation Title: "Uncovering unexpected insights and increasing transparency using emerging technologies in operational risk; a personal journey"

Led by Kirsty Rutter, CEO at Eaton Risk Advisory, a strategic and operational risk advisory business. Kirsty described her own personal journey with data and technology whilst working in operational risk and strategy at organisations such as Credit Suisse and Barclays.

"The reason I love operational risk is because it sits beautifully in that sweet spot between the ‘top down’ corporate strategy and the data that tells you stuff from the ‘bottom up’. It’s an application of logic and common sense. At its core it’s basic problem solving. With a passion for the point at which operational risk, meets technology, meets culture I have relished the exciting developments in technology in the last couple of years and the opportunities for change it does and will offer." - Kirsty Rutter

Xactium Financial Services