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11 Key Ingredients of an effective GRC System: Mobile


Part 4. Mobile

As consumers, our use of mobile devices continues to expand and our adoption of mobile technology remains ahead of the average enterprise. However the business adoption of mobile technology is also well documented and appears to be on an acceleration curve.

Fundraising brings music to Sri Lankan school


As a result of our fundraising activities, Xactium has been able to offer further support to a school in Sri Lanka. Activities including a Pampered Chef evening, Casual Fridays, Christmas Raffle, a Pool Tournament and many more have helped to achieve this goal.


Xactium continues to grow from strength to strength

Simon Otter

As well as celebrating its 10th birthday during the past year, Xactium has been busy welcoming new customers, so much so that the number of Xactium GRC customers has doubled. Xactium has entered new market verticals with some key wins in the Legal and Petrochemical industries and looks forward to drawing on industry best practices to further enhance its Risk and Claims solutions.

Energy Firms: Insurance “no substitute” for Risk Management

Growing power networks

Weak controls are resulting in Energy firms being refused cyber-defence insurance, revealed a BBC report late February 2014.

Claims Management Regulation: Updates, Issues and Consultations

A recent report by The Claims Management Regulation Unit (CMR), shows that the number of Claims Management companies (CMCs) operating under its remit in the UK, namely across personal injury and financial products has reduced by almost 25%. Conversely the CMR has increased its personnel by a third to more swiftly deal with issues of concern, with a particular emphasis being on the handling of PPI claims.

11 Key Ingredients of an effective GRC System: Getting Started Easily

Part 3. Getting Started Quickly and Easily

Getting started with a cloud GRC System can be much easier and more time-effective in comparison to implementing a more traditional on-premise GRC system. That’s just two of many reasons why cloud adoption is expected to reach 90% in all UK businesses by 2017. Turnaround time is also a key driver for regulated businesses, in particular, whose GRC time frames are often reactive.


11 Key Ingredients of an effective GRC System: Customisation

Secret of change Socrates

Part 2. Why You Shouldn't Ignore Customisation

Put simply it is essential that your GRC System reflects your business’ needs. Your system needs to work for you like a member of the team. If not, your system stops supporting your risk and compliance activities and becomes an administrative burden, just like a legacy system. At the very least; layout, ordering, editing existing fields and adding or removing should be customisable by business users (not just IT).


11 Key Ingredients of an effective GRC System: Look and Feel


Part 1. A Modern Look & Feel

Over the next 11 weeks Xactium will be taking a look at the essential elements needed in an effective enterprise GRC system.


New Year's Resolution: Increasing Your Risk Health

Live Risk Appetite webinar
February 6th 2014, 15:30 GMT /10:30 EST

Live Webinar hosted by GRC Pundit Michael Rasmussen

Risk appetite impacts the health of your organization just as your individual appetite impacts your individual health. 

Organizations can be risk gluttons by taking on too much risk, they can also starve themselves and not take enough risk. Some organizations that lack structure and control may be risk bingers and have periods of over indulgence of risk.  

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Regulation: 3 Articles on Future Proofing your Organisation in 2014

2014 looks set to to see further regulatory announcements within the Financial Services industries; the ripples still being felt from the introduction of the Volcker rule in the US, and proposals to implement it across the EU. The capital requirements directive (CRD4) came into play across Europe this year as of January 1st, while for Insurers the Solvency II timeframe draws closer.

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