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Measuring the value of risk management

In our most recent blog we discussed how some organisations are reluctant to invest in Risk Management despite the fact that managing risks using inexpensive and inflexible spreadsheets often prevents effective risk management. When risk is seen as a cost centre, the positive opportunity value in investing in risk management is overlooked.

Risk awareness is not the same as understanding risk

An article in the Business Reporter, distributed with the Sunday Telegraph on August 3rd, highlighted an extremely valuable point:

Senior Software Developer joins the Xactium team

Matt Bradley-Roberts

Xactium is excited to announce the arrival of new recruit Matt Bradley-Roberts as a Senior Software Developer. Matt brings over 10 years of large enterprise software development experience to Xactium.


AIFMD: All systems go?

This week saw the end of the transitional period of AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Management Directive). As of July 22nd all Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) within the EU fall under the regulation, which was first introduced in 2013. The regulation focuses on the management and marketing of AIFs.

Making Risk Make Sense: More from the GRC Pundit

In his blog this week, GRC Pundit at GRC 20/20 Michael Rasmussen highlights the high failure rate of Risk and GRC technology projects, with budgets overrunning and expectations going unmet.

Overcoming common reporting barriers

Risk Reporting

From our experience, many organisations struggle with similar Risk Reporting issues. These issues often have a major impact on the risk management process; preventing your organisation from creating a clear picture of its risk profile.

11 Key Ingredients of an effective GRC System: Automation


Part 11. Claims Management Automation

Webinar: Managing Project Risk Throughout the Project Lifecycle

Project Risk Webinar Register Now

Thursday 3rd July, 15:30 BST

Join Xactium and guest speaker Michael Rasmussen, GRC Pundit at GRC 2020, for this one-hour webinar where we will be discussing how to effectively manage risk at project level as well as how this can be integrated into a broader enterprise and operational risk strategy.

11 Key Ingredients of an effective GRC System: Spreadsheet Support

Spreadsheet support

Part 10. Importing and Exporting Risk Data into Spreadsheets

The use of spreadsheets is heavily embedded in almost every organisation, no matter how big or small. People are familiar with spreadsheets and are often happy in the knowledge that they can just about do what they need to, albeit a time consuming and labour intensive practice.

11 Key Ingredients of an effective GRC System: Reporting

Scheduling a risk report resized 600

Part 9: Reporting

Reporting is a critical element of Risk and Compliance Management; it is the output upon which decisions are made. Ensuring that your reports are of the highest quality, based upon live data and easily accessible is therefore a fundamental basis of effective risk management decision making:

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